Our Philosophy

We believe that everything a hen does affects her and the egg she lays. And that a happy hen is a healthy hen. So we ensure our girls can exercise and forage on pasture or under forage trees every day. If you can’t taste the sunshine in our eggs, be reassured that it is there. Eggs are nature’s wonder food and naturally good for you. Our eggs are goodness naturally.

After years of research and experimenting, Kim designed the B.E.S.T. (Barn Extension using Sustainable Technology) Free Range Egg System.

This system has many features but its sustainability comes from the supportive and integrated working of all elements. For instance, two long verandas (or extensions) that run down the north and south sides of the hen’s housing form not only the basis of the solar passive heating and cooling systems, but also provide a structure for the mesh feet cleaners and drinking water platforms, and work better because they are on a raised surface.

Twenty-four yards extend from the hens’ house which has narrow fenced hedges between them. The yards are seeded and reticulated. Herbs and shrubs that are medicinal or attract insects grow in the hedges.

The hens are rotated daily through the yards in a system to maintain the pasture and prevent the build up of disease causing pathogens and to maintain the pasture. There are lots to do in the hen house but our girls love it outside.

Hen’s Philosophy

Wisdom in the Chicken Yard

  • Soar, however briefly
  • Embrace dirt
  • Release the life force, “Letting go is an essential part of finding joy”
  • Practice stillness
  • Search for enlightenment or anything else interesting on the ground, in the air and in between.
  • Clucking is an excellent way to burn tension and free the mind and spirit
  • Breathe deeply and lose the ‘Chicken Little’ fear.